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What we do

At Base1 we can do lots of things, but here’s what we do best.

Select one of our flavours from below and we’ll show you a bit about what we can do.

Website & Interface Design

Once upon a time, when farmer Jones had a market stall in Pembrokeshire, his customers would come and swap bales of wheat and loaves of bread for his prized animals. Now however, we have the internet and plastic cards, how convenient. So farmer Jones and his sheep-swapping days are over. Gone are the early mornings and market stall rental fees and all you need now is an idea, a website, some of our creative juice and your business can become digital … and much prettier. It can be viewed by millions of people all over the world at the same time, on whatever device your customers choose, 24/7.


Website Design

Website Design

There are so many bad websites out there, but many many more that are very good. At Base1 we finalise every design with our clients before a single line of code is written, we believe image is everything and it’s crucial to have a good one online.

With all the latest gadgets now becoming one of the major user interfaces for the web if your site isn’t well designed from the start you will drive away people in no time.

We are great at making websites look, well... Great! Just look at ours!

Website Development

Website Development

Now we know most internet types like to refer to things using acronyms, (I mean why waste time pronouncing those extra few syllables when there’s so much to do?) and this is true for the web and its world of zeros and ones. So when we start saying things like HTML, PHP and CSS you might start PMSL while you LOL and we’ll be in a right mess before you know it!

As we are complete nerds, and have a great understanding of this new and strange language, you can be sure that we will always use the latest technologies and current standards to ensure you and your users gain the best possible web experience.

Interface Design

Interface Design

From iPad to iPhone or from PC to smartphone! There’s so much to think about, who sees what and what sees who?

These days is not quite as simple as knocking out a website and with all these new toys now on the market, people have a very wide range of interfaces and screen sizes to view your website or app on.

At Base1 we can work with anything and we also have the toys to test with, we love gadgets and we believe that the browsing experience should not be compromised just because viewing is smaller!

Content Management

Content Management

This internet is a flexible beast, constantly changing and evolving into something new and exciting. So therefore it makes sense that we future-proof your website so that any changes can be made by you, simply and easily

Because we are so nice, we will give you the ability to change your website, add pages or products or simply change some text, as if bestowed with super web powers.

Accessible by a private login screen and site editing via a simple user interface makes updating a breeze. Oh.. and it comes included as standard with every Base1 website.