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What we do

At Base1 we can do lots of things, but here’s what we do best.

Select one of our flavours from below and we’ll show you a bit about what we can do.

Project Management

For the best part of a decade we have worked with engineering companies in the oil & gas and power industries as planning and management consults. We create complex time schedules from technical drawings and other information to be monitored against a baseline to make sure everything’s running on time and in budget.

We use industry standard software and methodologies and can create systems for collating the masses of data, translating it all into a professionally designed report, which makes understanding your project simple.

Project Planning

Project Planning & Control

Using our management skills we can plan, organise and manage your resources to achieve your projects goals. We have a decade of experience and have managed schedules for a number of large engineering companies for projects including power station construction, piping installation, electrical and more.

We also incorporate our organisational skills into all of our larger web, marketing and IT projects to make sure everything we do is in budget and on time.


Reporting & Analysis

Our excellent design and organisational skills mix in well with the fact that we are also very analytic. This helps us present your companies’ information in great looking, easy to understand charts and simplified reports.

From s-curves measuring performance to pie charts for, well pies, we can compile, analyse, and present your project in fantastic ways that outline exactly what you need to know.

IT Systems

IT Systems

Well we know enough about everything else so it only makes sense that we can source and install a fantastic IT network and infrastructure for you.

Intranet, document control systems, time systems and email can all be integrated to make swift work of your company’s internal data management and ensure work productivity is at its best at all times.

We love to tinker about with new servers, install new computers and make everything work just nice. It puts a smile on our face, and yours.

If you want to streamline your company, get in touch.