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What we’ve done

These are our some of our recent or current projects.

Models .GB

Models.GB needed a fast clean looking responsive website, brand and print media including interactive forms to make filling in as easy as possibile for potential models.

See below for what we provided.

Logo Design

Creating a brand isn’t easy, lots of market research and big words (see our logo design section) must come into play to create something that has synergy with the industry it falls in.

We done all of this and found a clean simple colour scheme and created a logo to suit.

Website Design

A models website should boast its imagery, not its intrecate design. So we provided a clean, suttle website to fall in line with it’s image and showcaseing the art of the models and the photography involved.

We deveoped it on a responsive framework so that nomatter what screen you look at it on, it adjusts to fit.

Website Development

The models.GB website needed to be suitable for all devices so we developed it on a responsive framework meaning it automaticaly adjusts to suit any screensize.

This saved us time as a seperate mobile site was not needed, it just worked and looks great on all devices.
One website, any size.

Print Design

We created nice business card and spotted cards as well as letterheads and other print items.

We also developed live PDF forms meaning they can easilly be filled in and sent back without printing out, for ease of use.