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What we do

At Base1 we can do lots of things, but here’s what we do best.

Select one of our flavours from below and we’ll show you a bit about what we can do.


In this ever-evolving digital world, don’t underestimate the power of copywriting. It’s what your customers see first - and will paint a picture of your business, your professionalism, abilities, ethics and reliability. Great copy on a good looking website is what every business should aspire to, and we can make that happen for you. Our Chartered Institute of Marketing trained copywriters will look at your existing copy, talk to you about your visions and aspirations and then write the best copy your website or adverts have ever seen. Whatever your type of business, whatever your audience and however you want your business to be portrayed, you can rely on us to produce perfect copy. Poor grammar and spelling is offensive to us, so if your business can walk the walk but can’t talk the talk, let us do that for you.

Creating something that matches your business and its character is easy for us!

Read on and we’ll tell you some more!


Website & Document Copy

So you have your site and it looks great with that Latin text all over it, but Google won’t really find that useful. Leave it to our marketing experts and creative writers to scribble you out some of that juice ready to go.

You’ll get your professionally written copy fully keyword integrated and all the tags tagged, all you have to do is show it to the world.

We can provide some technical jargon or some modern day Shakespeare for text on any kind of documentation or website.


Creative Writing

From Mills & Boon to Shakespeare, from the Beano to the Bible, whether you own a fruit and veg market stall or a global conglomerate, we can write website copy, press releases, newsletters or adverts to perfectly represent your company. Our professional creative writers have worked on some of the most important and best-known websites and marketing campaigns this country has ever seen. We do big, we do small and we do everything in-between. Speak to us about your requirements and make your business stand out from your rivals.