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What we do

At Base1 we can do lots of things, but here’s what we do best.

Select one of our flavours from below and we’ll show you a bit about what we can do.

Branding & Identity

A tasty design representing your business can be the key to reaching that end consumer. We can spare you some time to create eye-catching artwork that is sure to get you that precious second glance.

Creating something that matches your business and its character is easy for us.

Read on and we’ll tell you some more!

Base1Media logo development

Logo Design

Ahh the trusty logo... Now we could start off here with some big words like semiotics, indication, designation, analogy, metaphor, symbolism, signification, and communication. Not to mention semantics, syntactics and pragmatics! Phew...

Now before your brain explodes (and ours) we know that if you‘ve found your way here then you know the importance of a professionally designed logo and a well-established brand. It is after all your customers’ entry point to your business!

We’ve been making logos for a while now, and we’ll take all of those big words into account when designing yours.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Now what’s the point of having that nice logo or website if you’re going to scribble your contact details on a dirty napkin? The whole point of this is to look professional isn’t it?

Here we like to make everything match, because if your client receives a letter from two people in your company and they both look completely different, it’s just not cool.

So lets us brand everything! Emails, business cards, letterheads, invoices and so much more. Now doesn’t that look better?

Our juice is tasty and we’re sure you’ll love it!